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obligatory self-in-mirror picture Yeah. Hi. You're probably here because you didn't want to get to know me by talking to me, or maybe you'd rather have something to talk about first, or maybe you're just a stalker creep. Either way, let's get on with it. Perhaps we'll start with some life story....

The Life Story
I'm a random dude that lives in Virginia but I used to live in, well, a lot of other places. My parents divorced when I had barely entered school, at which point I ended up with my mom and stepdad in Idaho, and that's where I consider myself to have grown up. Right in the middle of my junior year of highschool, my parents up and decided to move to the east coast. We ended up in Hurricane Central, NC. I met a lot of cool people there, but eventually I decided the best course of action was to escape.

Now I'm 26 (I'm picturing my website, neglected, still saying this in like five years, maybe I can avoid my 30's that way) and happily living in a house full of nerds like me. All of us work for, attend, or help out with my festival, MAGFest, in some way. The Geek Code description of "living in a cave with 47 computers and Internet access, located near a Domino's Pizza" is quite accurate, considering not only am I walking distance from a Domino's, I've worked at two of them.

Speaking of jobs, I've held tons of those. In the past, I've worked at a handful of computer stores and internet providers. Eventually I realised that working a computer store for chump pay was stupid; I can get chump pay and not have to listen to people complain about Windows or the Internet or "the microsoft 4.0" by delivering pizza. This is actually quite rewarding and fun, because all you have to do is take people their food and ask them for money, and get paid. Then I did courier work for awhile, so I didn't have to wear down my own vehicle. Sadly, I have beyond terrible luck with cars, many cops love nothing more than harassing me while I'm roadtripping to a friend's place, and I got a little bit screwed by my courier job because they didn't stay on top of their own vehicle problems (long story) so I stopped that and decided to pursue my dreams....

You see, I've always had this dream of being able to make money by doing something cool with videogames, so currently I am struggling to be able to slowly make that a reality with the aforementioned festival. Every year I rent an entire hotel and cram a bunch of videogamers and cover bands into it, and we have an awesome time.

Previous involvement with videogames includes playing them since I was like 3, programming starting at around age 7, and messing with writing [game] music around age 12-13. Though it hasn't ever necessarily been that great, my music is in several "released" games and I even eventually got to the point where I released my own game.

Having said all that, I am still "hella poor". I sincerely appreciate every single click I get to that donation button in the corner, and every single MAGFest registration. All of this helps to support my "cause".

Turn Off That Damn Noise
Enough about that, I mentioned music, didn't I? Well, my music tastes are, uh, pretty crazy-diverse. Lately I've been listening to a lot of progressive music, rock and metal, but also tons of videogame soundtracks, which if you're not aware, many game soundtracks are perfect for prog, or they just plain are. I don't even remotely know how to list my musical tastes, but I love so much of my music. How about I just copypaste the groups from my current playlist:

2 Pac, 2 Skinnee J's, 2 Unlimited, A Perfect Circle, ACDC, Aaliyah, Abraxas, Advantage, Aerosmith, Agent Felix, Alanis Morissette, Alex Mauer, Alice Cooper, Alice In Chains, Amber, Aphex Twin, Apocalyptica, Apollo 440, Apoptygma Berzerk, Aqua, Art of Noise, Astral Projection, Atomic Babies, BT, Bad Religion, Bangles, Beach Boys, Beastie Boys, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Big Mountain, Black Mages, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Blur, Bob Marley, Bon Jovi, Bonnie Tyler, Breaking Benjamin, Brian Davis, Bryan Adams, Bush, Busta Rhymes, Buzz Fiend, Cake, Cameo, Cardigans, Carl Cox, Carl Douglas, Cheap Trick, Cheech and Chong, Chemical Brothers, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Chevelle, Chicago, Chingy, Chromelodeon, Chumbawamba, Cirrus, Collective Soul, Corey Hart, Corona, Counting Crows, Cowboy Bebop, Creed, Crystal Method, Cypress Hill, DC Talk, DJ Keoki, DJ Micro, DJ Potatoe, DJ Sammy, Dan Swano, Dave Matthews, David Bowie, Deep Forest, Def Leppard, Deftones, Del the Funky Homosapien, Delerium, Depeche Mode, Derek Sherinian, Die Krupps, Dire Straits, Dragonforce, Dream Theater, Duran Duran, EBN, Eagles, Eat Static, Electric Skychurch, Eminem, Enigma, Entertainment System, Enya, Evanescence, Everyone, Faithless, Fear Factory, Filter, Finger 11, Flogging Molly, Fluke, Foo Fighters, Front Line Assembly, Fugees, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Funker Vogt, Future Sound Of London, G-Unit, GZA, Garbage, Geto Boys, Ghostface Killah, Gillette, Godsmack, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Goo Goo Dolls, GraveDiggaz, Gravity Kills, Green Day, Green Jello, Guns N' Roses, Gustav Holst, Haddaway, Hallucinogen, Haujobb, Headrillaz, Hive, In To The Mix II, Incubus, Infected Mushroom, Insane Clown Posse, Iron Maiden, Isaac Hayes, Jamiroquai, Jay-Z, Jet, Jewel, Jimmy's Chicken Shack, Josh Abrahams, Juno Reactor, Jurassic Park, KLF, KMFDM, KRS One, Kanye West, Killers, King Crimson, King Missile, Kitaro, Korn, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Kylie Minogue, Kyuss, LA Style, Led Zeppelin, Leftfield, Lenny Kravitz, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Liquid Tension Experiment, Live, Local H, Lords of Acid, Loreena McKennitt, Lostprophets, Lou Bega, Luce Drayton, Ludacris, Lunatic Calm, Luscious Jackson, Machinae Supremacy, Machines of Loving Grace, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Master P, Meatbeat Manifesto, Metallica, Method Man, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mindless Self Indulgence, Minibosses, Ministry, Missy Elliott, Mitch Hedberg, Moby, Monkees, Mono, Monster Magnet, Mr. Bungle, Muse, NWA, Nelly, Newsboys, Nightwish, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Norrin Radd, Notorious BIG, OPM, Offspring, Omar Santana, One-Up Studios, Opeth, Orbital, Orgy, Outkast, Ozma, Panjabi MC, Patsy Cline, Pearl Jam, Phero, Pink Floyd, Placebo, Planet Soul, Plastico, Police, Powerglove, Presidents of the USA, Primus, Prodigy, Propellerheads, Puddle Of Mudd, Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Rammstein, Ramshackle, Ray Lynch, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Relics of the Chozo, Richard Cheese, Rob D, Robert Miles, Robert Palmer, Rollins Band, Roni Size, Roy Orbison, SOAP, Sarah McLachlan, Scooter, Seal, Sevendust, Shaquille O'Neal, Sidewinder, Sigur Ros, Silverchair, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Skaven, Smash Mouth, Smashing Pumpkins, Snake River Conspiracy, Snap, Sneaker Pimps, Soulfly, Soundgarden, Soundtracks-Anime, Soundtracks-Movie, Soundtracks-Videogame, South Park, Space Ghost, Sprite Slowdown, Squeeze, Stabbing Westward, StainD, Star One, Star Trek, Static-X, Stemage, Steppenwolf, Stereo MC's, Stone Temple Pilots, Stroke 9, Sublime, Suzanne Vega, System of a Down, TLC, Temp Sound Solutions, Theatre of Tragedy, Therion, They Might Be Giants, This Place is Haunted, Tool, Toto, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Twiztid, Type-O Negative, U2, Underworld, Urban Dance Squad, Utah Saints, VNV Nation, Vanilla Ice, Veruca Salt, Village People, Virt, Vomitron, W, Wave Theory, Weezer, Weird Al, White Zombie, Will Smith, Within Temptation, Wobbler, Wu-Tang, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yes, Zen Cowboys, theGREENzebra

This list has broken a few personal/friend/networking sites. You were so totally warned. And before you question some of the things on my list (example: Shaq), yes, some of them are simply for novelty and/or amusement. Don't hate so quickly.

Ok, if you're still reading, how about some interesting and/or bizarre facts about me:
  • I don't eat many vegetables, or any seafood. I'm on the Meat, Cheese, Wheat Diet. I will gag on lettuce or rawish tomato. Noodles are awesome.
  • I still watch a lot of cartoons, and anime. My tastes tend to lean towards stuff that is rare and/or not as popular.
  • I have an extra lumbar vertebrae but I'm at least 2-3 inches shorter than most of the people that do.
  • I'm a big sci-fi and spy-fi nut. Anything with technology, or dealing with space and the future is totally my bag.
  • I've had three kidney stones. Water is your friend. Phosphoric acid is not. Cranberry juice, while good for your bladder, is really bad for your kidneys.
  • Linux changed my life. No, seriously. I offer free tech support and installations to all my friends. I really like the open source philosophy and community aspects, not to mention control of my own computer again.
  • I'm a packrat. My stuff from grade school is still in the storage room.
  • I don't really dig politics, but I don't ride the fence on issues, I'm just a weirdo.