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So. You've finally decided to do it. You're a spam bot and you're desperate to send me junk. Well, unless you're willing to do a little work, say, sound out the letters tee gee zee, and then slap those in front of an at-symbol with after it, you're just out of luck, K? K.

First, the chat section, in the order I would prefer to be contacted. Please be wary of the following:
  • Don't constantly, in fact, don't ever ask: "Are you there?" I will answer if I'm around/able, and I won't if I'm not.
  • Wait at least 5-10 minutes for an answer. Messaging and signing is the equivalent of calling someone and hanging up on them.
  • Don't "collect" my names and then message them all. I have a lot of AIM names but they are all the same program on the same computer. If you're unsure which name to keep, just ask.
  • Checking AIM then IRC is fine, but please be aware the windows are right next to eachother.
  • There's a distinct possibility I'm doing other things while talking to you. Please be patient with replies.
  • My router is a stupid piece of garbage. It prevents me from doing direct connections or file transfers. If you need to get me a file, use YouSendIt or email it.
  • If you have a lot to say, you can split it up onto multiple lines, but ugh, don't only type one or two words per line!
AIM theGREENzebra [message me]
IRC P2E in #magfest server:
Yahoo theGREENzebra [?]
ICQ 1107012 [?]

And onto the silly networking/who-has-the-most-friends sites. The main things you should know about these are:
  • I probably won't add you unless I know you in "meatspace", that is, the real world, or In Real Life. Where you talk face-to-face.
  • If I do know you, at least send me a message before you make a friend request so I know who you are or why I'm adding you.
  • Seriously, I'd rather be contacted via one of the above. Why would I message you on myspace when there's an AIM window up 24/7?
  • If your myspace looks like the Internet exploded you might want to reconsider letting me know you have one, or fix it first.
MySpace mrmagfest [LiveJournal thegreenzebra [link]
Friendster mrmagfest [link]